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Timberton Brown Roofing Sheet
Manor Red Roofing Sheet

Roofing Properties

Glanderson roofing sheets are made of zinc and aluminium alloy.

No Nails
No mails are driven into the sheets. Rather they are held by clips on the planks. As nails are not driven into the sheets, they do not leak
Assorted Colours
The sheets come in several attractive colours. Colouring is not by spraying as done conventionally but by chemical bonding
Cut to Length
The sheets do not overlap like the conventional sheets. They are cut to the specified measurement. If the span of the roof is 100 meters, the sheets cut to that specification. This saves much cost

Roofing Accessories

Glanderson provides a number of useful roofing accessories to make your building complete.

Side Trims
The roofing system has side and eave trims. This prevents rain from entering the roof from the sides or the eaves insuring the roofs against wind uplifts in stormy weather.
Rain Gutters
To prevent the effect of splashing rainwater, Glanderson has special rain gutters that is universal and can be used by any roofing system. They have no joints and are cut to length and so do not leak.
Ridge Cap
The ridge cap covers the ridge line of a slopped roof. They are the final part of a roof installation to neatly cover rugged joint edges of the roof.

Multi-purpose Roofing Sheets
The sheets compared to the conventional types are more flexible for use. It can be used for manufacture shops, wholesale and partitions.



When it comes to pricing, Glanderson offers you value for your money by charging competitive tariffs in exchange for quality products and services. Our highly experienced estimators consider the measurement of the facility under construction and provide a befitting quotation based on the quantity of materials needed to complete the job.

As pioneers in the standing seam roofing industry, we look forward to fostering a new and lasting partnership with any esteemed organization by providing first class roofing services.