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was incorporated on 22nd day of July 1993 and commenced business on 22nd September 1996 when the volume of work increased tremendously. As a limited liability company, Glanderson™ mounted an innovation called the 'NO NAILS, NO LEAKS ROOFING SYSTEM™', thereby changing the face of roofing in the whole of Africa and for that matter Ghana and West Africa.This new technology of roofing took time to be fully accepted as people could not understand how a roof could be installed without nailing directly into the sheets. All Glanderson™ roofs are 0.5mm thick. Consequently, as the years rolled by, it dawned on people that this technology is the safest roofing technology in view of its numerous qualities. 

Glanderson™ is managed a team of professionals

G.A Agbolosoo - Mensah
He is a lawyer by profession and worked with the Central Bank for 20 years as a solicitor for the bank. He was the head of the legal department till he left the bank.

Delali Amponsah Agbolosoo-Mensah, BA(HONS), Dip marketing. 
She is the Operations Director of Glanderson™. 

Deladem Agbolosoo - Mensah, MBA(HONS), Business Administration.
She is the Production Director of Glanderson™. She is also the manager of Pioneer Bamboo Processing Co. Ltd. at Assin Fosu.