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At GLANDERSON™ BUILDERSPAK LTD we provide these services , aside profiling the roof material (1. Roof installation 2. Roof Maintenance 3. Transportation.).

It been made necessary to provide the services above because of the technical knowledge needed in handling the roof material. The roof installation is very different from the old way of laying aluminium pre cut sheets. As it has been emphasized there is no direct nailing with this kind of roof installation, that is why we have our own trained installers to do the job for you. This reason is the same for roof maintenance. For transport most people will prefer transport the roof they have bought, but that is not advisable as the roof sheets are cut in long spans and careful loading and off loading is needed so they don’t get damaged by excessive force. the sheets are only 0.5mm thick they can get damaged by the wind, there is the need for us to provide the transport service as well. We deliver all over Ghana.

We also provide free consultation on roofs;

 if and when you have problems about roofs come to Glanderson and we will find a solution to all your roofing needs.

We also give free advice

 on how to keep your roof after installation, also how to put on your wood members before work commences. To have a beautiful roof all rafters and purling should be 3 feet intervals.

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